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6.7 Module ARF

The module is loaded, when the configuration file contains section [mod_arf].

This modules parses emails received at XXX and sent from the Yahoo, Microsoft or feedback loop service. It extracts from them the email addresses, which complained about received spam, the email addresse, which was used to send the message. If the latter is a mailing list, mod_arf checks if the complaining address is subscribed to the mailing list. If it is, it removes the address from the mailing list, and sends notifications to both the removed address, and the list-owners. If the mailing list is a sub-list of another list, the email address is removed also from the super list and the notification is sent to the list owners of the super list, too.

If the complaining address is not subscribed to the mailing list or the sending address is not a mailing list, then an email notification is sent to the local administrators.

Once a combination sender-address/complaining address is handled, mod_arf inserts a record via list_memcached and whenever the same combination appears within a month, no more messages are sent. This is useful, if for the same mailing list a recipient marks more than one messages in a row as spam. Then the FBL service sends several notifications and only the first of it is relevant.

Note, mod_arf works only with local listserv mailing lists and the sent messages are customized for AEGEE. Before using this module, the messages in the source code need to be customized.