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7 Invoking aegee-milter

On start aegee-milter looks for its configuration file aegee-milter.ini in the $sysconfdir, set at configure time. To change the directory, where the configuration file is looked for, or the configuration file, use the -c command line parameter.

By default, aegee-milter forks in the background. To run it in the foreground, use -f.

To print the version of aegee-milter or a short usage information, use -v and -h respectively.

The following invocation looks for aegee-milter.ini in /etc/mails/am and starts aegee-milter as daemon process.

aegee-milter -c /etc/mails/am/

The following invocation loads the configuration file /etc/mails/am.ini and keeps the process in the foreground:

aegee-milter -f -c /etc/mails/am.ini