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8 Bugs and Community

Interested parties, willing to report bugs, send patches or propose feature requests, are invited to join the mailing list by visiting Leaving the mailing list can be triggered from the same URL. Writing to the mailing list is permitted only with addresses that are subscribed: One of Sender:, From:, Resent-Sender:, or Resent-From: headers must match, otherwise the posting is rejected.

Please use common sense when writing to the mailing list on non-technical matters and avoid making statements, which you would not make talking directly to a person.

Interested parties, for which subscribing to a mailing list is inconvenient, can write to The author of aegee-milter prefers, that interested parties use the mailing list.

Contributions, meaning patches sent in any form, will be handled in reasonable time. Patches, for which there are no cmpeling reasons to reject them, will be accepted. This means, in the event that the author has no time to review a patch and there are no objections over the mailing list three months after proposing a patch, that the patch will be accepted.

Changes that have no other purpose, except to silence warnings from the compiler, linker or code analyzer will be accepted, unless they slow down the code. The rationale is, that if such changes are not accepted, in the future somebody will propose them again and handling similar proposals several times is avoidable work.

The language is C++14. Lifting to C++17 will reduce the amount of systems, where the software can be compiled.

Shorter code is better, but rewriting the whole program to be a single line of code, leads nowhere.

There is no stict code-style.

Text is in British English.

There is no plan for the event that the author is not capable to respond, but ideas for such a plan are welcomed.

These guidelines might change in the future.

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